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Consign with UsHow To Consign With Us

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On-line Consignment Request Form

 What we accept for consignment

Thank you in advance for your consideration for consigning with us.  At this time, we are only accepting antique and vintage furnishings and home accents.  That can include things like tables, dressers, chairs, cabinets, framed art, china sets, ceramics, vintge stereos, muscial instruments, books, music LPs, etc. - etc.  Antique and Vintage mean items from 1990s on down.  Check back here or contact us to see if we are taking other types of items at this time.

We normally do not take new items (with the excpetion of possibly an antique reproduction piece), clothes, shoes, electronics, mattresses, most funriture made of particle board or MDF, sporting equipment, etc. .. well mostly anything that is not furnishings and home accents.


We will review items you have for consignment by either inspection in our store, review at your home or can begin the process by reviewing from a photograph you can bring in or email to us.  To increase the value of your items, we offer cleaning and restoration services.  We develop an agreement with you that details all the items you will be consigning with us, the length of the consignment period and the commission we receive for consigning your items and staging them in our store and Internet site and for on-line sales.

If you have many large items, an on-site evaluation by one of our representatives is available after business hours to aid in the evaluation and pricing of items for consignment.  A cleaning and/or repair fee of $30US per hour plus the cost of materials will be deducted from the Consignor’s account if it is deemed, after inspection, that the item need either and we both judge that this service will significantly increase the price we can get for your items.  Nothing will be done for servicing your consigned items prior to sale with your expressed written confirmation. 

Delivery of Item for Consignment

We accept delivery of consignment after an appointment has been scheduled with one of our staff.  Appointments can be arranged by calling our store at (949) 206-0177 or emailing us at donna@accentsonus.com.  We will contact you via phone or email to schedule a mutually acceptable time for accepting your items for consignment.

Pick-up of Consigned Items

We can arrange for pick-up of items accepted for consignment for our store. Our fee is $40/hour for this service.  We charge an additional $0.35 per mile if you pickup location is outside a 10 mile radius from our Laguna Hills, CA location.

Consignment Process

We have a great way for you to track the status of your consigned pieces by providing a web-based service tied to your account.  All new Consignors will be assigned a Consignor ID by us and this ID number allows you to log into a secure section of our website to monitor the progress of your item consignment sale. Go to www.accentsonus.com and click “Consignor Log-In” on the page that opens, enter your Consignor ID and your last name as your password. When your personal page opens, click on “Transaction History” to display sold items for the current month. This page clears each time your consignment check is printed at the store.  Alternatively, we accept phone calls to our store and can provide you the status of your sale.


We work with you to price your items to sell in our store for a price that is acceptable to both of us.  We research each piece to determine competitive prices and also work from formal appraisals you may have for an item.  Please note that appraisals are often quoted for insurance purposes and may not reflect the price an item can be sold for in a competitive market. With our offered restoration services and the design of our store, where your items are grouped by relevant design period and intermingled with other outstanding pieces from the same period, we feel we can maximize its desirability for purchase by our customers.  If there is deemed a need to adjust the price of an item after initial acceptance for consignment, you will be consulted via telephone or email to accept the requested adjustment prior to any adjustment in price being made to the item for sale.


Commission is 50 percent (%) on any consigned items and is effective for the first 60 days.  In the case of a negotiated extension to this agreement for an additional period after the first 60 days, commission on item(s) sold after 60 days, but within 120 days is 60 percent (%).  For certain situations where you have a large number of items to consign with us at one time or commit to consign over time, we are willing to negotiate with you on the commission rate.


Checks are mailed on the 25th of each month for the previous month’s sales, less commission and any agreed upon repair/cleaning costs and/or item pickup charges. Checks are considered void if not paid within 120 days. Account inquiries are accepted during business hours by telephone or email. 

Optional service offering: Internet access to our secured Consignors web page is offered as part of our service.  If desired, an account can be setup for you to review the status of the sale of your item(s) and we allow you to request payment for your sold item be placed on-line for fulfillment to be made for payment by us within 48 hours of request and posted by us to your account on record via PayPal.

MARKDOWN SCHEDULE (Optional) – A optional markdown schedule can be negotiated and included in this contract as agreed upon by the Company and Consignor.   Two (2) scheduled markdowns will occur on unsold merchandise, if so desired, after the initial 60 day consignment  period. The typiecal first reduction of 20% occurs at 60 days from consigned date, and the second markdown of 30% occurs at 90 days.

OFFERS (Optional) – As a Company policy, we do not bargain with your items on the customer side of the sale. Once we have accepted a piece for consignment, We feel that it is priced fairly and will not deviate from the listed prices unless We discuss it with the Consignor first.  Certain items priced over $500 US may elicit offers for purchase by our customers for consideration.  Our ability to entertain offers from customers for higher-priced items is an optional service and can be executed to be included under the terms of our consignment agreement with you.   We will notify you of all documented offers, and you will have 24 hours to accept, decline, or counteroffer.


Our original agreement with you will expire at the end of 60 days from the consigned date. It is your responsibility to pick up (or arrange for delivery) or your unsold item(s) within seven (7) days of contract expiration,  We will contact you about what needs to be done at the time of contract expiration.  We often allow our consignors to keep their unsold items in our store for sale (often at a reduced price) for extension of up to 180 days maximum.


Unsold item(s) returns and contract settlements are scheduled by appointment only. Appointments must be scheduled a minimum of five (5) days in advance of pickup. You must notify us at least one day in advance that you are coming to retrieve your unsold goods. We need this time to pull your items and have them ready for you.


We will work jard to take exceptional care of items accepted for consignment. Consigned items are insured for damage and/or loss due to fire by our company.  Please note that your consigned merchandise is the sole property of the you until sold.  Please be advised that it is your responsibility to notify your insurance carrier (i.e., Homeowner’s Policy) that these items are on consignment.  Theft and damage can occur and we are not responsible for this loss.  Our liability will be limited to making appropriate and timely payment to you for any of items sold during the consignment period.


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